Bangoura Group

The Bangoura Group gives concerts and workshops which combine traditional African music with contemporary dance theatre. We play, dance, and sing our own original compositions as well as traditional compositions from Burkina Faso, Guinea, Senegal, Jamaica, and Brazil. Our ballads and melodies are arranged in an innovative mixture of soul singing, funky guitar, feisty djembe rhythms, and other African instruments. Our live performances encourage participation – playfully transcending the boundary between stage and audience, viewer and player, teacher and audience.

The musicians of the Bangoura Group see themselves as initiates to the world of West African traditions. They play rare and complex instruments such as the kora, balafon, and djembe at the highest level. They also have unique educational and therapeutic qualifications. As international artists, they know what it means to be confronted with prejudice, exclusion, and precarious living situations. Integration, inclusion, and self-empowerment are not hollow slogans for them. Indeed, they are perpetual challenges in their own lives.

Contact us. We will assemble members of the Bangoura Group to suit your event: from a duo to a 15-player band and dance theatre troupe. We will be glad to play for your celebration.

We can only make progress together

Mamoudou Diarra.

Griot and balafon player for the Bangoura Group