Dance Education Training in the Bangoura Method

“It is through relationship that one becomes a person” – Martin Buber. Dance is an art about relationships. Stephanie Bangoura works with the attitude of a Gestalt therapist. In her conception, the central facet of the training for a dance educator is a benevolent presence, perception without judgment and equal dialogue held with a cooperative spirit. In this way, dancing becomes an opportunity to create a ritual bond between oneself and one’s partner. The partner is the live music, the moment, the group, the earth, one’s neighbour, and everyone present. The goal is the expansion of consciousness: to be present with all of one’s senses. In this training you won’t just be doing a lot of dancing, you will also be practising perceiving, accepting, and valuing absolutely everything. You will learn:

  • techniques, methods and philosophies of African dance, which support your character development
  • how to form a supportive group with music and dance
  • to lead creative self-awareness processes centred around the body
  • gentle and effective physical training
  • dance techniques centered in permeability
  • to improvise spontaneously in a dialogue with live musicians

By completing dance education training in the Bangoura method, you open up the possibility of working in the Bangoura Group’s professional team, gaining your own teaching experience and participating in international social education projects.

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Fundamentals of the Bangoura Method

Stephanie initiated a series of seminars at the National University for Dance in Salvador/Brazil which form the foundations for the current training programme. The central element of the seminar series „Corpo Ritmo e Ritual em Estudo“ (2016) and „Dança Afro- Corpo em Estudo“ (2013+2015) was the question of how African dance can be passed on in a modern context. Stephanie Bangoura invited exceptional representatives of the re-Africanisation of dance, old masters, pioneers and revolutionaries. Choreographers of the national folklore ballet, bodyworkers, actors, singers, musicians and intellectuals in the field of Afro-Brazilian religious dance, modern dance and theatre such as Dr Eusebio Lobo da Silva, Clyde Morgan, Mestre King, Tania Bispo, Jose Ricardo Santos, Frank Händeler, Veronica de Moraes, Dr Eloisa Domenici, Dr Meran Vargens, Dr Ciane Fernandes, Portella Açúcar, Doudou Coumba Rose, Letieres Leite, Gabi Guedes, Giba Conceição, Jorgelina Oliva, Kinho and others. The seminar series was funded by the Brazilian cultural department, Banco do Nordeste and other public Brazilian institutions.