Alseny Camara

Growing up in socialist Guinea Conakry, Alseny Camara received in-depth musical education. He qualified for national competitions and was asked to join the Djoliba National Ballet. This is where he received further training and specialized as percussionist and djembe player. He went on several world tours with the Djoliba National Ballet. Since 1990 he lives in Germany working as musician and teacher all over Europe. Alseny is a charismatic performer and living musical library for forgotten rhythms of the Mandinke tradition and is highly appreciated, especially by the younger generation. When master Alseny invites to participate, the audience has no choice. “Music is everything for me: Strength, poetry, healing, joy and community.  Music is Life – to be fully here and in the moment. Together with the Bangoura Group I can just play my music: We celebrate life and each other.”