Mamoudou Diarra

Mamoudou Diarra lives in Lübeck and comes from the large Diarra griot family which founded the city of Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso. To this day, a member of the Diarra family is present at every important ceremony in the city. Mamoudou’s grandfather trained him in the art of performance storytelling from before he could walk. His main instrument is the balafon, alongside which he plays the N’Goni, the violin, the tama and the guitar as well as composing music with his own lyrics. As a griot, Mamoudou is particularly concerned with passing on the wisdom of his tradition. Alongside traditional music, Mamoudou also brings modern influences such as reggae, salsa, blues and jazz to the Bangoura group. His personal motto is “Together we are progressing”