Mohamed Sylla

Mohamed Sylla is co-founder of the Bangoura Group and accompanies the dance education training in Hamburg with more than just music. “To work with Stephanie has changed my life. I have learned to say and feel what I really want. I have gained more and more respect and acknowledgement for my art.”

Mohamed was traditionally trained in Mandinke rhythms on the Sangban (medium bass drum). He spent over ten years learning with his Master Goumbana Konde, the long-running director of the Guinea National Ballet. Mohamed was raised in a strict Islamic school as a child and strove for personal freedom through the djembe.

“The music saved me. When I drum, I’m burning up my pain and my anger.” Talking about his work in the Bangoura Group, Mohamed says: “I’m glad to be part of the Bangoura Group because there’s no competition, no boss. Everyone can speak freely and contribute ideas.”