Saliou Cissokho

Saliou is a maker and player of the Kora. The art of crafting and playing the African harp allows for a profound, disciplined encounter with the musical traditions of West Africa. Its sound and vibration fills every room and body with subtle, soulful, meditative energy: “Nobody comes to the Kora – the Kora decides who comes to it. ”

Although Saliou went to university in Dakar and devoted himself to modern systems of knowledge, his path led him to the millennia old tradition of his family. As a griot Saliou bears the duty of passing down stories of his family and ancestors, myths, satires and poetry. In this way, he accompanies Stephanie Bangoura in her dance education training and accompanies the Bangoura Group on stage. Griots embody the memories of the West African oral traditions. By making people aware of these traditions, discussing them and calling up the values they encompass, they make an active contribution to social and cultural development.

Since 2006, Saliou has lived, taught and toured in Europe, first in Barcelona, and then in Hamburg since 2012. Saliou leads presentations on the kora and the Griot tradition in West Africa. He has made one album in collaboration with Anna Cissokho as well as three solo albums.