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Gilberto M. Ferreira


Gilberto, a Brazilian artistic programmer and project manager based in Hamburg, brings a wealth of experience to Tanz der Kulturen Association. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Music from São Paulo State University UNESP (Brazil) and a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management from Cordoba National University (Argentina), Gilberto has an extensive background in cultural project planning. He was working in various capacities, from radio production at TV Cultura Communication Group to producing festivals for Oficinas Culturais, a mentoring program for contemporary dance and theatre companies. During his tenure at São Paulo Municipal Theater, Gilberto was responsible for negotiating and implementing not only local productions but also projects with international directors, creators, choreographers, musicians, and other artists. Over the past 5 years, he has been actively involved in artistic planning at Theatro São Pedro. Simultaneously, Gilberto worked as an artistic supervisor for the GURI Project and the São Paulo State Music School, both of which are social and educational programs that support young musicians from São Paulo’s outskirts. Currently, Gilberto is primarily focused on working with contemporary independent artists and engaging in cultural projects with international cooperation.

As a Project Manager for the Tanz der Kulturen Association he is emphasising the organisation’s commitment to promoting diversity and transcultural experiences.

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